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Discover the path towards a unique software solution for your business
with our Discovery service, make informed decisions and maximize your
time with consistent delivery of prototypes.

In the pre-development phase of a project, we constantly analyze and redefine the general objective by identifying obstacles that help us plot a viable implementation route. We use a similar methodology to that used to build the software, but without sending the artifacts to development, thereby reducing the risks associated with this idea generation stage.

specialized methodologies

We use specialized methodologies to develop initial software prototypes in the form of a collection of artifacts. This allows us to make informed decisions about the path to take for new business capabilities or optimizing processes, all with an agile technology project ready

Rapid Prototyping

We use Rapid Prototyping to deliver constant deliveries of a prototype, with the views and scenarios that constitute the software solution, maximizing the time.


Ad-Hoc Discovery

We use the Ad-Hoc Discovery technique when we develop a tailor-made plan, involving one or more requirements analysis and prototyping techniques that clarify the way for the business and in many cases propose a viable route for the implementation of the solution.


In a period of 2 to 4 weeks, our multidisciplinary teams can create wireframes or prototypes, a map of functionality, a logical architecture of the solution, and a release plan for its construction.

With this methodology, we can identify and define problems, develop prototypes, and plan the development of software with a focus on the business and functionality.

Wireframe representation

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