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E-commerce and data

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air takes the e-commerce world by
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  • discovery
  • agile development
  • Scrum
  • 2019 - 2020


We were contacted by K2 Omniverse, a company of entrepreneurs with the mission of creating links between celebrities and their massive audiences, with a mission that seemed impossible: to build an e-commerce platform for Will Smith in just four weeks, that would allow him to offer his millions of followers for only 72 hours a new and exclusive collection of products belonging to his then new brand Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


One of the main challenges we faced in this project was implementing a robust and scalable platform capable of handling a large amount of traffic in a short period of time. The platform should be able to handle a large number of real-time transactions, as well as integrate with the sales and social media data generated during the campaign.

Another important challenge was using open source projects to develop the platform, as this required a lot of time and effort to implement and customize these tools and meet the project goals.


To face these challenges, we built a platform based on Shopify and a robust backend capable of aggregating real-time data from sales and social media generated during the period when the campaign was active. In the development of this platform, we used more open source projects than in any other project given the innovative and disruptive nature of our client.

Product details
We found in Shopify a solid platform where we combined a simple and fluid design with the ability to handle high traffic demand.

The project was developed using our Agile Development service, with value deliveries in each sprint. This allowed us to be flexible to any changes that Will Smith or K2 Omniverse had. We were able to keep this technology and the it’s artifacts under control, thanks to our strict integration and continuous delivery processes and other systems such as design systems that allowed us to raise our level of technology and engineering.

Purchase Summary
We combine sales data with an efficient system to maximize its use in Will Smith's team's advertising campaigns.
Some of the capabilities of the platform:
  • High volume traffic management.
  • Real-time transactions.
  • Integration of sales data and social network

As with all of our projects, this project began with a Discovery stage where we worked closely with the client to understand their needs and objectives. This phase involved a detailed analysis of the business needs and strategic planning to achieve the objectives.

Gantt chart
The Gantt chart for this project illustrates our Agile Development service, with each sprint broken down into three distinct phases: definition, implementation, and acceptance.
store products
The intuitive design of Bel-Air Athletics facilitates a hassle-free and satisfying online shopping experience.


In this project, we were able to overcome a challenge that seemed impossible by building an e-commerce platform for Will Smith in just 4 weeks. With it, we allowed millions of Will Smith's followers to have access to an exclusive and unique collection of products from his Fresh Prince of Bel Air brand. Not only did we meet the time goal, but we also managed to handle a high volume of traffic and real-time transactions, ensuring the stability and quality of the platform.

The project was a great success, after it finishes we worked for over 2 years building different tools that allowed the creatives of the organization to launch different promotions, all of them, heavily based on the use of data that allowed to revolutionize the Bel Air Athletics brand and position it as a spearhead in the industry.

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