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  • 2022 - 2023


Digital art has experienced an unprecedented evolution in recent years, and with the arrival of NFTs, the way we view digital ownership has opened up new possibilities for art and creativity. In this sense, EMPROPS, or 'Emergent Properties', is a project developed by LKMX that is a pioneer in the world of generative art and artificial intelligence (AI), where technology and creativity merge to create unique and inimitable collections.

This project is a symbol of how art is evolving into new forms and how it is being transformed by emerging technologies. With EMPROPS, we delve into the nature of digital ownership and explore new territories in the creation of art.


The road to success in the NFT market is not easy. One of the biggest challenges was gaining the critical mass of users and collectors. The NFT industry is still in its early stages of development and many people still do not fully understand how it works or its value. The new and digital nature of NFTs can generate doubts and distrust among some users.

Another challenge we faced was the paradigm shift in creating generative art. Many artists are used to traditional techniques and media, and entering a new world of emerging technologies represented a challenge. By incorporating artificial intelligence and procedural generation into art, new possibilities were opened up, but there was also a need to learn and adapt to a new creative process. Artists had to overcome their fear of technology and venture into new territories to explore and experiment with these new media.


With this project, we seek to push the limits of technology and creativity. With EMPROPS, art is not only created through code, but is also generated in real-time through a collaboration between the artist, their generative code, and one or more AI systems.

EMPROPS gallery
EMPROPS is exploring and pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity by generating generative art with artificial intelligence.

Initially, the first version of EMPROPS was implemented on the Secret Network blockchain. Secret Network is a privacy-focused blockchain that focuses on protecting the privacy and anonymity of transaction data. The Secret Network blockchain stands out for offering complete privacy and security in transactions and associated data, thanks to its advanced cryptographic technology. This guarantee of confidentiality is highly valued by collectors who seek to protect their information and investments.

The first EMPROPS collection was an unprecedented success, with 1024 tokens generated through a procedural algorithm in p5.js that created a wide variety of unique and unrepeatable art. p5.js is a powerful tool in generative art, as it offers a wide range of creative possibilities and allows artists to explore new ways of creating digital art from code. Each piece of art generated by the algorithm had a unique and distinct combination of colors, shapes, and patterns, making it unique and valuable. The collection was very popular among collectors and sold quickly. The combination of technology and art generated great interest in the market and established EMPROPS as an innovative force in the NFT space.

BigBang art
The abstract art in The Big Bang collection offers a wide variety of unique and unrepeatable results.
Author @yepayepayepa

Currently, EMPROPS has explored new technologies and entered the Tezos blockchain. Tezos is a leading blockchain in the world of generative art that allows artists and collectors to explore new ways of creating, storing, and selling art. Tezos' ability to perform smart contracts allows for the safe and reliable creation and transfer of art tokens, making them an ideal medium for the transaction and exchange of generative art.

The adoption of Tezos allows EMPROPS to offer a more robust and secure platform to its users, which in turn increases confidence in the NFT market.

Secret network and Tezos
Emprops has integrated with two major blockchains. Secret Network, focused on the privacy of transactions. Tezos is a leading blockchain in the art world with a constantly growing community of artists and collectors.

The exact generation process for each collection varies from project to project, but in general, all EMPROPS collections are created in real time through a unique collaboration between the artist, their generative code, and one or more AI systems. Each piece is unique and is generated in real time, resulting in authentic and constantly evolving art.

With EMPROPS, users can experience and participate in a new digital art form, while enjoying the privacy, security and transparency of transactions on the platform.

Ghost in the machine
Ghost in the Machine explores the beauty of imperfection and chaos. It was created by a unique combination between p5.js, Stable Diffusion and ImageMagick.
Author @3mil_c
The Oracles
The Oracles is a generative collection of PFPs generated by artificial intelligence using the Stable Diffusion text-to-image model.
Author @iragreenberg
Gantt chart
The Gantt chart for this project illustrates our Agile Development service, with each sprint broken down into three distinct phases: definition, implementation, and acceptance.


Some of the technologies and integrations
implemented in this project.
Html Css Javascript Typescript Vue
CloudFlare Docker Ubuntu Nginx Gradle
Spring Nodejs Github Tezos Secret
rest npm PostgreSQL


EMPROPS is an ambitious project, the combination of artificial intelligence and generative code created a visual experience that shocked everyone who had the opportunity to experience it.

EMPROPS marked a milestone in the history of our company and at LKMX we are proud to have conceptualized and executed this project that pushed what is considered art to the limits and, at the same time, revolutionized the way people think about technology and its role in artistic creation.

The three-way collaboration between the artist, code, and AI systems demonstrates the vision and dedication of our team to carry out innovative projects. Our team will continue to work hard to carry out more innovative projects in the future. We will continue to explore the limits of technology and creativity to provide our clients with a unique and innovative experience in the world of art.

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