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Mobile app development for end users

Experts in hybrid mobile applications and personalized user experiences

Mobile applications have become a fundamental resource in an increasingly connected and constantly moving world. At LKMX, we have extensive experience in developing hybrid mobile applications that offer an optimal user experience on any device using iOS and Android operating systems, from wearables to smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, among others.

Hybrid Applications

Our hybrid development approach offers several advantages compared to native applications.

One of the main advantages of our hybrid development approach is that a single codebase is used to launch the application on multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android. Instead of writing specific code for each platform, developers can create a hybrid application that has a consistent appearance and functionality on both operating systems. Furthermore, updates and bug fixes can be implemented more quickly and efficiently on both platforms at the same time, optimizing development costs and resources.

A hybrid application consists of several components. The following image represents an overview of the architecture of such an application:

hybrid apps schema
We use a hybrid approach to develop mobile applications, allowing you to exploit the native functionalities of the device's hardware, with a single code base.


Our source code is managed using our own continuous integration infrastructure that automates versioning, packaging, and binary publishing.

The complete automation of our DevOps processes allows us to deliver functional versions to our clients at the end of each iteration.

CD/CI diagram
We automate the versioning, packaging and publishing process of our binaries through our own continuous integration infrastructure.

Store Deployment

From the beginning of the development process to the launch in the app stores, our team ensures a comprehensive solution. We ensure that the application is launched in the app stores, whether in public app stores such as Google Play and App Store or privately for internal company use.

Apps that meets specifications for Play Store and App Store
Throughout the development cycle, we make sure that the app meets all the technical and quality requirements for approval in the app stores.


We create intuitive and attractive user interfaces to ensure the best possible user experience. We work closely with our clients and developers to ensure that the application design is consistent with the brand and adapts to the specific needs of the end-user.

Interactive and adaptative UI designs for better user Experience (UI/UX)
Design solutions that offer a highly satisfactory user experience and an intuitive user interface, which translates into greater adoption and user retention in the product.

Design System

We use our own design system that allows for quick conception and efficient implementation of interfaces with perfect grids and consistent styles from the first iteration. Flare defines clear and implementable concepts on four key points: style, structure, user interface, and content.

Flare Design System
Our custom design system ensures the rapid conception and implementation of interfaces with precise grids and consistent styles.

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