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Real state CRM

Enhancing real estate sales operations with a tailored CRM
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  • discovery
  • agile Development
  • Scrum
  • 2020 - 2021


In this project, we aimed to develop a specialized CRM for a real estate company with the goal of improving the tracking of its prospects and increasing the effectiveness of its sales force. With this system, we expected to achieve greater efficiency in the property acquisition process by improving communication and information management.


To carry out this project several challenges were faced, including the need for a system that would allow for efficient tracking of prospects in order to measure their effectiveness and increase sales volume.

Another concern was the dependence on printed documents and the bottlenecks this caused. A system was required that would allow for the digitization of documentation and facilitate the exchange of information.


To address these challenges, a Discovery project was carried out to understand the scope and limitations of the project. After this analysis, it was concluded that there were two viable options for the development of the system. Finally, a solution composed of several pieces was chosen and developed through our Agile Development service:

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Before starting the development of the project, we perform a Discovery service to understand the business challenges. With the analysis obtained, we carefully design the application and its workflows.
  • Implementation of main flows
      A primary version of the main flows was implemented for validation and improvement, with the aim of achieving efficient tracking of prospects.
  • Digitized documentation
      Physical documentation was exchanged for digital documentation for closing and titling that is shared through the platform, avoiding excessive use of paper and facilitating the exchange of information.
  • Notifications at strategic process points
      Strategic notifications were made to customers about the progress of their acquisition through electronic means, with the aim of improving communication and ensuring adequate progress of acquisitions.
  • Adequate tracking of quotes and sales
      The system supports sales advisors in giving adequate follow-up on their quotes and sales, responding effectively to the customer and allowing for the measurement of sales force effectiveness.
Gantt chart
The Gantt chart for this project illustrates our Agile Development service, with each sprint broken down into three distinct phases: definition, implementation, and acceptance.
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Tools were designed to facilitate the follow-up of prospects.
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With these new tools it is no longer necessary to depend on printed documents.


The implementation of a CRM project was a great step towards the modernization and efficiency of our client. The accuracy in the tracking of prospects improved the performance of sales agents, allowing for better preparation and offering a higher-quality service. Additionally, the system provided greater efficiency in measuring the performance of agents, which helped reward those with better results with incentives and commissions according to their performance. In conclusion, the CRM was essential in improving the management of prospects and the performance of sales agents, allowing for the leaving behind of old manual processes.

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