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  • discovery
  • agile Development
  • agile Maintenance
  • Scrum
  • 2021 - 2022


SKYOU is a leading on-demand clothing printing platform that provides artists, brands, and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to materialize their creations. With its advanced 3D design tool and factories in various locations around the world, SKYOU eliminates the obstacles of minimum order requirements and offers solutions through its expertise in digital printing techniques, laser cutting, sewing, and direct shipping to anywhere in the world.


Despite its focus on providing solutions to artists, brands, and entrepreneurs, the SKYOU platform faced challenges due to a deficient implementation by another development team. This put the desired efficiency and productivity at risk. The platform, although well-intentioned, had problems with its primary flows, which generated friction between users and the platform. This, in turn, made it difficult for the SKYOU team to provide good customer support, generating an extra workload for them.


Despite the initial challenges, thanks to a continuous effort to optimize the platform and close collaboration with our client, we have managed to transform it into an efficient and easy-to-use tool.

Our team has achieved one of the most significant improvements in the SKYOU platform with the integration of a color detection system that allows the user to relate them to specific Pantones. This feature not only guarantees the quality of the final printed product, but it also increases the accuracy and consistency of the colors used in the designs, which is essential to achieve a professional and attractive presentation of the products. Furthermore, this improvement has allowed users to have greater control over the final appearance of their products, which contributes to their success and satisfaction in using the platform.

UI Design
The integration of a color detection system allows users to match colors in their designs to specific Pantones, improving the quality and accuracy of printed products.

We optimized the image upload and catalog management flows, allowing for more efficient organization and a more comfortable user experience. Previously, users faced difficulties organizing their files and maintaining a clear connection between them. Now, there is a dedicated space for each of them, and SKYOU staff can access the same files that the customer sees, ensuring clear direction and organization.

UI Design
Streamlined image catalog management and upload flows offer a more convenient user experience.

As part of our effort, we have made SKYOU a highly versatile system, even visually. The "skin change" or "white label" feature is a demonstration of the adaptability we offer, allowing brands to integrate their image into the platform and use it under their own name. This development reflects our commitment to offering a unique and innovative experience to all of our customers.

UI Design
The "white label" capability allows brands to integrate their own logo, typography and colors, thus using the platform under their own name, contributing to the personalization of the user experience.
Gantt chart
The Gantt chart for this project illustrates our Agile Development service, with each sprint broken down into three distinct phases: definition, implementation, and acceptance.


Some of the technologies and integrations
implemented in this project.
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Our commitment to improving the SKYOU platform has resulted in a more efficient and personalized experience for its users. The integration of color detection, optimization of load flows, and the ability to "change skin" are just a few examples of the innovative vision that we have implemented in SKYOU. These improvements not only reflect our commitment to the success of our customers, but they also position SKYOU as a globally competitive tool capable of meeting the needs of any type of brand or user.

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